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Samaritans for the Poor & Needy

"Touching the Face of God"

Who are the Samaritans for the Poor & Needy? They are people who understand struggle and want to help others!

We have an opportunity for you to become a Samaritan for the Poor & Needy so they can become Elite Students at The Just God Academy!

You can see the homeless on the street and their needs can be obvious, but the Poor & Needy are unnoticed behind closed doors. They are the people whose electricity bill increased and they were unable to pay and services were disconnected. They are the single parents on food stamps who ran out before the end of the month and had to use part of the rent to buy food.  

They are the working poor with health insurance, but a medical emergency happened, they had to make deposits and many co-payments, took from the rent to obtain care, and received a 5-day eviction notice. There are seniors and the handicap on limited incomes where any interruption to their needs will cause insufficiency in payment for their rent and utilities.

Be sensitive to God's Love in your heart, He may be asking you to become Samaritans to the Poor & Needy in this ministry. Together, we can make a difference in helping our neighbors! Go to our Donations & Support page for the Silver Club to make your donation or use the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page!

Support the Poor to Become

Just God Academy Elite Students

The Once-A-Month Church community outreach in the parks (2006-ended March 2016) had been a place where God birthed the name, Super Stars. The poor and homeless would no longer be recognized as poverty, but Super Stars, people who overcome severe obstacles every day of their lives!

The outreach to the poor & homeless events were held first at the Burton Barr Library in central Phoenix--to the Margaret T. Hance Park--to under the Central Avenue Bridge and the last years at the Monterey Park Phoenix. The key of its success was building spiritual self-esteem in the hearts of broken people. Through the years, we served thousands of meals, distributed hundreds and hundreds of pounds of clothing, shoes and personal necessities, celebrated holidays, raised money and resources for their children's toys at Christmas and gift baskets at Easter, but included in every event was strong spiritual self-esteem building. Changing them internally, creating a new mental image of themselves and with empowered thinking and believing patterns.

Now is the time for the poor to become Elite Students with The Just God Academy in order to promote more spiritual growth, self-esteem building and teachings that would enable them to become better equipped in reaching their life goals. The poor and homeless will be joined with others who are desiring to make changes in their lives and learn how to live each day in peace, love and joy!

But they have no money for tuition and expenses. They need you! You can become a Silver Club Sponsor with our ministry to continue the fight against poverty. Your contributions make a difference! When you help one person to make a life change, they affect their entire family and home. At The Just God Academy, participants learn that they are Powerful People no matter their circumstances. Click on "Donate" button below or Go to our "Donations & Support" page

Once-A-Month Church

Community Outreach to the Poor and Homeless

2006 - 2016

Our First in the Phoenix Valley

* To have an Annual Birthday Celebration for the poor and homeless

* To have a community outreach for the poor and homeless who targets self-esteem building in their programs and activities.

* To call the poor and homeless "Super Stars."

* To provide the poor and homeless children, including their grandchildren, foster and God-children at Christmas and Easter with toys and gifts.

* To have the first "Good Shoe Day for the Homeless."

* To teach the poor and homeless to be leaders for their community of peers sharing referrals for social services and crisis information. Developed the Streets of Gold Leadership Program.

* To have a baby show in the park for pregnant homeless women.

"We Care About People"

We are fulfilling God's commission to "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16:5). Jesus spoke concerning one lost sheep, "In the same way our Father in Heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost." (Matthew 18:12-14).

The Once-A-Month Church was honored for its community work on News 12 Hero Central in February 2010 and interviewed by Lin Sue Cooney.

"I have a dream that one day a person will arrive in our City and ask, "Where are all the homeless people?"

The resident will reply,

"We care about people and found a way to help."

"We are One World One People Created by the Design of One God."

The Silver Club

"Live everyday in Peace, Love & Joy no matter your circumstances"