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The Just God Academy

Become a "Powerful Person"

"Teaching God-inspired Life Skills and the miraculous to be 

commonplace in the lives of people"

Dr. Dorothy Wellington, Inspirational Teacher

What You Can Expect to Receive:

1. Learn how to overcome obstacles and set backs as a Powerful Person.

2. Experience improved health for your body, mind and emotions.

3. Gain more money and prosperity to pay your bills and have an abundance to give to your loved charities.

4. Less stress without fear for your dreams, visions, plans and goals being fulfilled!

5. Live a worry-free life with peace, love and joy every day no matter your circumstances.

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"Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments." (Heidi Reeder) I am eager to inspire and teach as God leads in equipping you to you to become a Powerful Person.

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